Scoops – Molded

Scoops - Molded

Polar provides a wide variety of small and large injection molded plastic scoops for applications in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical markets. Typical applications include coffee, detergents, cleaning products, pond supplies, equestrian supplies, and baking supplies. All of our scoops are molded from virgin polypropylene and are FDA approved.

Molded scoops
In-Stock Scoops
.15 cc White
1.00 cc White
1.25 cc White
1.70 cc White
5.00 cc Blue
5.00 cc Yellow (long handle)
6.50 cc Natural
9.00 cc Natural
11.00 cc Natural
14.79 cc Natural, Blue
15.00 cc Natural
18.00 cc Natural
20.00 cc Natural
25.00 cc Natural
29.60 cc Natural, Blue, Dark Green
32.00 cc Natural
39.00 cc Natural
43.00 cc Natural
50.00 cc Natural
53.00 cc Natural
60.00 cc Natural, Red
63.00 cc Natural
67.00 cc Natural
70.00 cc Natural
4 oz. Natural
8 oz. Natural
16 oz. Natural
Special Order
4.00 cc
24.20 cc
26.00 cc
Custom Options
Parts can be produced in custom colors to complement your package design. Tooling or inserts can be quoted to give you a totally unique product or add an embossed logo. A variety of options are available for custom printing. Please call us to inquire.